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As Amended June 6, 2006


As of this date, March 17, 1986, this organization’s name shall be changed

from “Sioux Falls Amateur Radio Club, Inc.” to “SIOUX EMPIRE AMATEUR

RADIO CLUB, INC,” referred to as the “CLUB.” This revised version of the

Constitution shall supercede all others prior to this date, pertaining to the

former “Sioux Falls Amateur Radio Club, Inc.”

It shall be our purpose to foster and promote interest in amateur radio,

fraternalism and operating efficiency, and to assist radio amateurs in the

Sioux Empire area in maintaining reliable communications.

The membership shall be open to all who seek to further their interest in

the arts of radio communication. There shall be no discrimination as to

race, creed, sex, age, or marital status.


Individuals possessing a valid and current amateur radio license are

eligible to become Full Members of the Club upon payment of dues. Full

Membership entitles an individual to all rights, benefits, and privileges of

the Club, including, but not limited to, voting on all matters and serving as

an officer, director, or committee member.

Any licensed amateur in the immediate family of the Primary Full Member

of the Club is also eligible to become a Full Member of the Club upon

payment of family member dues.

Individuals who do not possess a valid and current amateur radio license

are eligible to become Associate Members of the Club upon payment of

associate member dues.

Associate Membership entitles an individual to all the rights, benefits, and

privileges of the Club, except the right to vote on all matters, hold an

office, or serve as a committee head in the Club.


The officers of the Club shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary,

and Treasurer. They shall be elected by majority vote of the Membership

of the Club at the first meeting in January of each year.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board of

Directors. He shall report periodically to the Club Membership regarding

the progress and standing of the Club regarding his official acts. He shall

appoint and may be a member of all committees of the Club.

The Vice President will assist the President in the work of his office. In the

absence of the President or his inability to serve, the Vice President shall

preside at all meetings and perform all duties otherwise performed by the


The Secretary shall keep a record of all membership meetings and of all

Board of Director meetings. He shall carry on the official correspondence

of the Club, except as the Board of Directors may direct otherwise. He

shall perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may require.

The Treasure shall receive monies of the Club. He shall deposit all money

in the name of the Club in a bank or banks selected by the Board of

Directors, and money so deposited shall be withdrawn only by check

signed by the Treasurer. He shall prepare and sign checks for such

purposes as are required by the Constitution or are authorized by the

Membership or the Board of Directors. At the option of the President or

the Board of Directors, the Treasurer may be called upon for a financial

report at any time. He shall prepare a certified list of all paid-up members

in full, as of the first regular Club meeting in January, eligible to be

candidates for election, and to vote in the election process.


The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Club, except

when meetings of the Club are in session. All matters affecting the

policies, aims, and means of accomplishing the purpose of the Club not

specifically provided for in this Constitution or by action of the

Membership at a regular or special meeting shall be decided by the

board of directors. The Board shall meet at the call of the President or a

majority of the members of the Board. A report on all actions taken by

the Board shall be made to the Membership at the next meeting. A

majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall be required for a


The Board of Directors shall consist of the President and four Full Members.

Each Director shall serve a term of two years. Two members shall be

elected at the first meeting in January to succeed those whose terms are

expiring at that time. Installation shall be immediate.

Reports by the Board of Directors may include a majority and a minority

statement. A tally vote shall be given to the Club on all matters decided

by the Board.

Any decision of the Board may be overridden by a two-thirds majority of

the Membership present at the first meeting following the decision. No

Board member may participate in this action.

At the end of the Club’s fiscal year, the Board of Directors shall prepare a

report showing the achievements of the Club for that year and shall make

recommendations for the following year.


To be eligible to be a candidate for an Officer or Director, or to vote in the

election process, the individual must be a paid-up Member in Full of the


Nominations for candidates will be taken as the first order of new business.

Nominations will be received from the floor.

At the close of nominations, the Secretary will distribute a paper ballot for

those offices where two or more nominations were made. A secret vote

will take place and the Secretary will collect all ballots.

In the event only one candidate is nominated for an office, the

candidate will be confirmed viva voce by the membership.

Any eligible Club Member may request a ballot for voting by absentee

ballot or proxy by submitting a written statement to the Treasurer.

The Secretary shall keep a written tally, available to the Membership,

during the ballot counting. Any candidate shall have the right to have an

observer of his choosing, observe the ballots and the counting process.

The election of Officers and Directors for the Club’s new fiscal year shall

be at the first Club meeting in January, which is the beginning of the

Club’s fiscal year.


Vacancies occurring between elections must be filled by special

elections. At the first meeting following the vacancy, withdrawal, or

resignation, nominations shall be taken, with the election by majority vote

of attending members. Installation shall be immediate.


Officers or Directors may be removed from office by three-quarters

majority vote of the total voting membership.


Properly filed absentee ballots shall be accepted for any election of

Directors or Officers. A signed statement of the Member’s assignment of

power to vote by proxy to a specific Member, shall be submitted to the

Club Treasurer. Written proxy votes shall be accepted only on business

requiring a vote from the total Membership. They shall not be accepted

for regular business matters.


At Club meetings, a minimum of ten voting Members and one Officer shall

constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


This Constitution or amendments may be amended at a Club Meeting by

a two-thirds majority vote of the total voting membership present of at

least a Quorum.


Robert’s Rules of Order in its most current edition shall govern all Club

proceedings. The President may appoint a Parliamentarian to interpret

such rules as they apply to the proceedings.


The fees or dues shall be fixed at the beginning of the Club fiscal year. If

the need for additional funds becomes necessary, a special levy may be

made, with the approval of the Membership. Other methods may be

used to raise funds.


The time and place of the Club meetings shall be determined by the Club

Officers and Board of Directors.


Special committees may be appointed by the President for any and all

situations and may be a member of those committees ex-officio.


Members shall have the right to a full and clear accounting of all Club

funds at all levels. Such accounting shall include, but not be limited to,

periodic reports to the Membership by the appropriate fiscal Officers and

periodic audit by Officers (Auditing Committee) elected for that purpose,

or by independent auditors not otherwise connected with the Club.

An audit will be performed with the approval of the membership. Upon a

majority vote of the present voting members at any Club meeting, an

Auditing Committee shall be convened. The Auditing Committee,

consisting of two Full Members at large, shall audit the books of the

Treasurer and shall present a written statement of their findings to the

Club. The members of the committee shall be appointed by the


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